Eclipse 2016 Competition Entries

These are the fantastic entries we have received so far! Maybe some of them will inspire your own entry?

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Graham Hutton

2 - The Written Word:
A trombones seat is the best in the house, unless the trumpets are as quiet as a mouse, They like Stan Kenton best, as it gives them a test, and Peanut Vendor\'s the best of the best

3 - Want, Need, Should:
The prize trumpet has weighted valve caps - trumpetgeek.com makes it clear that weighted valve caps will result in a 200% improvement in my playing - ergo, I need this trumpet. In addition there is an old trumpeter that bothers me after many of my gigs by asking what mouthpiece I am playing on. I will now be able to tell him that it isn\'t the mouthpiece that makes the difference but the weighted valve caps and send him in your direction to buy a new trumpet. Therefore you should think of awarding me the trumpet as a great piece of win win marketing for you. It will drive more sales….almost certainly. Thank you for listening…….do you want my postal address to give to the courier?