Eclipse 2016 Competition Entries

These are the fantastic entries we have received so far! Maybe some of them will inspire your own entry?

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chris irish

2 - The Written Word:
My pal Audun has an eclipse sometimes he lets me play on it I know his mind would be blown If I had one of my own Ive had my horn since i was born it\'s fallen apart so many times but i\'m grateful that it still shines Id like a new one , yes and I\'ve heard that Eclipse are the best I could never be so blue If I had a trumpet that rang so true

3 - Want, Need, Should:
I think I should win this contest as with a shiny new instrument my musical activity would be super charged. Since I\'ve moved to Spain Eight years ago I havent been as productive as I was in London especially since my trumpet is battered after playing it on so many beaches. I would always be grateful for a second chance to make music eclipse would be proud of.