Eclipse 2016 Competition Entries

These are the fantastic entries we have received so far! Maybe some of them will inspire your own entry?

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Jenna Veverka

2 - The Written Word:
Please see email for full poem. Short version: What\'s that? You want some trumpet tips?! Want to know how to nail those rockin\' rips? How to play those dips and skips with no slips? Want to jam out on Earth Wind and Fire\'s What is Hip?” “Well listen closely my friend and lend me an ear Not that closely! Back up! (If you\'d still like to hear) Be wise, I\'m about to play trumpet my dear.” Then she smirked and started with a breath so quick, Playing Dizzy and Maynard, no need of a sidekick. In a matter of seconds, the room came alive She played Armstrong, Harry James and yes, even Ives, Haydn, Jolivet, and of course, Mahler five. To respond to the looks that were quite mystified She laughed, “There’s no secret! I’ve nothing to hide!” “The answer’s my horn!” she exclaimed with great pride “Eclipse! Eclipse! Is on my lips! That’s how I nail those rockin’ rips, The dips and skips with of course, no slips With Eclipse, I can play ALL THE LICKS.”

3 - Want, Need, Should:
I am 23 and about to begin a masters in performance at Cincinnati Conservatory. If I am awarded this trumpet, know that it will be put to the best possible use. My goal in life is to improve the lives of others and bring hope and joy to the world through music. I am already underway with ambitious plans to do so: I co-founded a brass workshop for high school girls, plan to hold benefit concerts for \'Brass for Africa\' while in graduate school, and hope to work in a U.S. service band after school. I know an Eclipse trumpet would help me accomplish my goals and advance to the professional level.