Eclipse 2016 Competition Entries

These are the fantastic entries we have received so far! Maybe some of them will inspire your own entry?

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Michael Sanchez

2 - The Written Word:
The trumpet is a sound so fine The Gods consider it divine With an Eclipse in hand They\'ll strike up the band And say you sound sublime

3 - Want, Need, Should:
I need this instrument. About a year ago my trumpet was stolen from me and since then I\'ve been borrowing a student horn. I\'m a college student looking to make a career in trumpet, so a new horn is necessary, but there\'s no way I can afford it. I\'m happy to have a trumpet to play at all, but I think its time for something that\'s not falling apart at the seams. I would be so grateful to win this trumpet, especially considering all of the amazing things I\'ve heard about Eclipse! Winning would very much change my life.