Eclipse 2016 Competition Entries

These are the fantastic entries we have received so far! Maybe some of them will inspire your own entry?

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Julie Russell

2 - The Written Word:
The trumpet playing inside your heart wants the world to hear. Give it the richness it deserves with an Eclipse, the quality is clear.

3 - Want, Need, Should:
I would love to win this trumpet for my son. He is a keen musician playing three instruments, but trumpet is his greatest passion. He practises hard every day and is progressing rapidly. He loves an audience, both in school orchestra and at home, and asks me to listen every day. His enthusiasm is a joy to watch and it is my favourite time each day. He started playing the trumpet because he loves the sound of it, and wants to develop a richer, warmer tone. The Celeste would really help him do this, and he would cherish it forever.