Eclipse 2016 Competition Entries

These are the fantastic entries we have received so far! Maybe some of them will inspire your own entry?

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Jackson Mathod

2 - The Written Word:
Dear Trumpet Why do I love you so? Why do I yearn to play you from high to low? Yet you will always frustrate me and others so The embrace of lips upon your cylindrical bow Shoots the air from my lungs at the target of musicality I seek to show Dear trumpet You\'re constantly waiting constantly anticipating what sound i will make what path i will take the solo i snape my mind can\'t escape from you I\'m lost in a brass cloud that sometimes will speak too loud Dear trumpet from lead pipe to valve I\'ve grown accustomed to your sound your boldness your swagger too many words to put into a sentence dear trumpet the possibilities for me and you are endless

3 - Want, Need, Should:
WANT Because a new trumpet is a new lease. A new tool in which to display my musical interests. I want it. NEED Why do i need to get up in the morning and practice? the fear of losing the sound or technique. We all need new trumpets to inspire even more so. I need it SHOULD I should because I don\'t want anyone else to get it. simple answer really. I should have it